Access to quality education has the power to transform the lives of marginalized youth. To be uneducated is to be sidelined and excluded from vocational and personal opportunities – often for life.
High rates of education consistently lead to decreases in exploitation, early marriage, poverty, and radicalization. Schools give refugee and low-income youth stability and structure when everything else has been stripped away.
Schools also give displaced youth a way to fit into a new community and develop the social skills needed to live in times of peace.  
Questscope’s approach to education is based on our Reciprocal Learning for Change (RLC©) methodology. It was developed for youth who have experienced trauma or other severe hardship.
RLC© emphasizes the critical importance of a supportive relationship between the educator and student, and it supports youth in regaining ownership over their education and becoming agents of positive change in their communities.

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committed students
community centers, temporary shelters, and public schools
schools restorated and rehabilitated
support their education

Support their education

Your gift will provide emergency assistance, alternative education, and mentorship. And places to bloom again where hope is possible.