The mission of Questscope is to partner with vulnerable women, youth and marginalized communities to foster social development and create pathways for change, growth and development.

To do this, we focus on three areas: Trauma Recovery, Empowerment, and Economic Inclusion.

Questscope work pillars

Trauma Recovery

Our trauma recovery programs combines storytelling, scientific information and practical skills to alleviate trauma and build resilience. Our Syrian refugee leaders in Za’atari inspired the creation of these program and continue to drive their innovation.

Economic Inclusion

We seek to create an inclusive market economy where all people, especially marginalized or vulnerable groups, are able to fully participate in economic life and have a greater say over their future.


We create safe spaces for young people to play and learn, and hubs of creativity and hope. We provide the foundation for the development of young people as leaders and contributors to their families, communities and their own lives.