October 21, 2014

In the spring, Questscope hosted communications workshops in Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp through the MeWe Syria initiative. Our Syrian mentors and case coordinators learned about video production as a way to use communication to break down barriers and share the stories of triumph, resilience and hope that they see happening around them.

Fast forward to summer, when Questscope partnered with Music for Life International for a unique music residency program. The “Zaatari String Quartet” held performances over three days, followed by music education workshops that shared the beauty and hope of music with Syrian children and families in the Za’atari refugee camp.

The impact of these workshops continues. Nadine and Alaa, two of Questscope’s Syrian case coordinators in Zaatari, produced a film documenting the Music for Life residency program using skills they learned in the MeWe Syria workshops. Take a behind the scenes look and hear the sounds of the “Zaatari String Quartet” in their film below.


The Zaatari music residency program was hosted in partnership with Music for Life International, led by George Mathew. Learn more here.

Learn more about the MeWe Syria communications initiative, led by Mohsin Mohi Ud Din, here.