Our approach

In Syria, violence on a country-wide scale is having a huge impact on Syrian youth, upending the dreams and life plans for education, marriage, family, and employment. Since 2011, the war has forced 6 million refugees to flee Syria and forced 12 million more into homelessness inside the country.

All over the country, youth and young adults are designing responses to meet enormous need. The Syrian Society for Social Development, our Syrian national partner, provides "Lively Hood Tool Kit" to help people return to work. Lively Hood Tool Kit provides essential tools for workers to practice their trade.

This program has particularly benefited young women – many of whom are entering the work force for the first time as electricians and plumbers to support their families as the sole breadwinner.

The Syria team is also innovating through the COVID-19 crisis, which is expected to have a catastrophic effect due to the war and infrastructure damage. As part of their response, they’re opening factories to produce hand sanitizer and face masks. This is in addition to an existing clothing factory called “Needle and Thread” that currently employs 58 people.