In addition to the 600,000 registered Syrian refugees in Jordan, there are also thousands of unregistered refugees. Because they are unregistered, there is no funding or safety net for these people. They cannot obtain legal documents, enroll their children in school, or apply for work permits.

Unregistered, female- headed households are particularly vulnerable, and, in desperation, they often get pushed into selling their children into child labor and child marriage in order to survive. For years, Questscope has supported education programs, primarily for girls, in local community centers in low-income areas of the metropolitan area of Aqaba – home to mostly unregistered refugees.

Through this educational initiative, one of our key leaders in a Questscope women’s center identified girls at risk of being sold as child brides. She took a strong advocacy position, and together we prevented the sale of these girls through support to their families with food, medicine, and access to education.