April 12, 2018

When thousands of children and families finally left the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta after enduring years of conflict – we were there.

We met people malnourished from years of deprivation, children who lost their moms and dads, and thousands more with deep emotional and physical wounds.

Providing refuge to these disoriented and fearful families was our first priority. Our first response was to organize a large transition shelter to host more than 12,000 people.

EG - Adra  (294)

From here we're able to distribute food, clean water, and clothing. We provide emotional and psychological "first aid" as people process what they've experienced. And we help them sort through their identification papers (or lack of) so they can move away from the crisis area.

This week's chemical weapons attack in Douma, as reported in the news, was a couple of miles from this shelter. I was there with about 60 of my staff and volunteers, serving these innocent people displaced from Eastern Ghouta. We continued to engage with them there, regardless of the news.

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There are another 100,000 civilians waiting to be moved to safer places. In the face of fear of violence, we know that it will take a tremendous effort to help these people. That is why we are there.

My team and I will give as much to these efforts as humanly possible. Will you help?

Your gift today will extend a human hand to human beings who are suffering.

Roy Moussalli
Executive Director of the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD)
*SSSD is Questscope’s partner on the ground in Syria.

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