Jessica Lawrence
September 01, 2023

More likely than not, you can remember at least one teacher that made an impact on your life. Within the public school system in the United States, the overwhelming consensus is that most educators are there because they want to be- not because they have to be. Some students, however, might not have the ability to engage with an educator they relate to.   

Enter Salem.  

Salem is an employee of Questscope and has been for seven years. Through colleagues, he learned of Questscope’s Non-Formal Education (NFE) program and was interested. A position opened, and he decided to go for it. Now Salem enriches the lives of students who aren’t able to continue in the Jordan formal education system. Math, science, and health - these are just a few of the topics Salem covers to students enrolled in the non-formal education center where he works.   

According to a study in 2021, over 20% of primary-school-aged children are not enrolled in school within Jordan. And, once you’re out of school, it’s almost impossible to get back in. That’s where YOU come in. Thanks to your generosity, Questscope has been able to make an impact on so many students who would have normally been forgotten. Discarded. But not on Salem’s watch - and thanks to you, not on your watch, either! When asked what makes him proud to work at Questscope, he replied:  

“Observing one of the center’s graduates with the option to choose to enroll in either the secondary academic education track or the vocational track showcases the importance of programs like NFE.  We are shaping individuals’ educational and career aspirations! We are able to nurture ambitions and propel individuals towards fulfilling and impactful futures.”  

The NFE program at Questscope significantly contributes to creating a safe and motivating environment that enables children to develop and grow positively. This empowers them to make informed decisions and engage effectively within the community. Through this program, participating children receive the necessary support and appropriate opportunities, enabling them to realize their potential and work towards building a better future for themselves and the entire community.   

Jessica Headshot
Engagement Manager

Jessica Lawrence

Jessica Lawrence joined the staff at Questscope in October of 2023. She is a 2005 graduate of St. Lawrence University, and most recently worked at North Country Public Radio (licensed by St. Lawrence University) for six years in individual and corporate fundraising. She credits a university professor for giving her the courage to join the non-profit world, and wants to leave her mark on everything she does.

Her favorite part of working at Questscope has been the time spent in Jordan, meeting both donors and beneficiaries, and seeing firsthand the amazing work Questscope does.

When not working, she spends most of her free time with her daughter, Gabby, traveling with friends, cooking, and reading.