December 12, 2019

When ISIS fighters came to Samson's street, his mom told her 10-year-old boy to run and hide.

"I watched them set fire to burn down our house," said Samson.



That night, Samson and his family fled from Syria to Jordan. To be safe. To try to hope again. Like 90% of refugees, Samson's family does not live in a refugee camp. They live "on their own" in the southern port city of Aqaba.

There are no jobs for refugees here. Not even permission to work. There's no safety net. No resources. Here, there are only the aftermaths of war – the memories, the aches, the fears, the hunger, the risks – things that don't go away when everything else has.


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Horrible options and the worst of choices face Samson and his family. But you can change that. You can make a life-size impact for kids like Samson.

Your donation ensures critical help reaches kids and families driven to desperation at the edge of starvation. Families just like Samson's.



Thanks to the generosity of people like you, Samson and his brothers can now go to school. They don't have to go to bed hungry night after night.

They don't have to work backbreaking, off-record jobs for scraps of survival.



You are critical to this network of helpers. Your friendship and support make it possible to meet the real needs of real people in the really worst of circumstances.

Join us in making life-changing impacts for young Samsons and their families by donating today.