February 26, 2018

What is the role of women in conflict?

Hundreds of thousands of young men in Syria have died or have been forced to flee to avoid being drafted into a war they do not want to fight. Young women have stepped into the void and now make up over half of our team in Syria.

They're distributing clean water, rebuilding shelters, educating children, and growing into a force for peace. Young women are redefining what it means to be female on the front lines of war.


Getting ready to welcome families at a collective shelter in Syria.

In the Za'atari Refugee Camp, Nadine is a core member of our refugee leadership team. She is a key adviser on how we grow and move forward. She told us, "Women can have a leading role during the crisis and not only be victims of violence."

Along with 40 other young Syrian adults, Nadine develops innovations for youth to improve their lives and to improve circumstances in the camp. They design programs, lead outreach in the community, and participate in trainings so they are ready as first-responders in emergencies.


Firefighter1 (1)

Fire Fighter Training Sessions.

Amira is a community leader in the south of Jordan. Her singular determination to stop the exploitation of children as the only choice for survival has allowed us to reach an entire community of young refugees most at risk of disappearing into early marriage.

Amira is developing the leadership potential of these young women. Guiding them as they gain the skills to take on what the world will throw at them. The more visible they become within their community, the harder it becomes to take advantage of them.


January 2017 Jordan 132

These networks of strong women are one of the reasons Questscope stays strong. They're champions on the front lines of conflict and have voices to be heard. We can listen to their experiences and support them in their role as change agents for themselves and others.

When we create space for women who have previously had no power to come forward and lead – ensuring they have the same chances as anyone else – we see whole communities rise.