August 31, 2018

Questscope was recently commended for being one of the top global organizations “redefining food aid in the 21st century” by Food Tank, a think-tank working for food system change.

An incredible recognition! Because our main focus is not food in emergencies – our main focus is always on people. But when people in emergencies need food, we move all kinds of things to get food to them.

Our strength is in relationships, in the trust we build. So when formal infrastructures crumble, like in and around war – our relationship networks remain strong.


Jordan Summer 2017 540

Amira (above, left) is part of this relationship network. She's a close friend and an unstoppable community leader who directs our refugee project in Aqaba, Jordan.

Refugee women in Aqaba are a tightly networked bunch around Amira, and their grid is highly sensitive to pick up on people when they're in trouble. We benefit greatly from years of investing in this tight-knit group of go-to women.

Najah (above, right) is a teenage refugee from Syria who was almost sold into early marriage. She would have been totally invisible to us without Amira's "human radar."

Now Najah is visible to all of us. Amira got the Questscope project in gear around her, and she and her family now receive support each month for nutritious food. No more desperate choices at the bitter edge of survival.

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We have relationship networks all over Syria, too. At the end of 2016, when things were at their very worst in Aleppo – we were among the largest distributors of emergency food aid inside the city.

Tens of thousands of people were trapped in embattled areas with bombs and fighting all around them. Our trusted teams inside Syria distributed the most emergency food in the most efficient way in one of the darkest months of the conflict.

From that point forward, we’ve been considered a go-to organization to carry out large-scale operations all over the country. To bring food, water, and shelter to those who need us most.

Trust changes everything. And building that trust is like building leg muscle. Every day more exercise. Every day more muscle buildup. Slow process. But when the jump has to happen, those muscles move that leg with speed and effectiveness.

You are critical to this relationship network, this musculature. Your friendship and support make it possible to meet real needs of real people in real time in the really worst circumstances.

It takes just $70 a month to provide emergency food aid for a family of five. Will you make a gift today? You'll multiply our relationship network for even more impact!