January 29, 2018

Abu Munir lost a son in a bombing, and then lost his livelihood when he fled his home. He was forced to move into a single room with his wife and four surviving children. When they needed a bathroom or a kitchen, they relied on the kindness of their neighbors.

When our staff first met Abu Munir, he was still reeling from the death of his son. He cried more than he spoke, but eventually he opened up. He told us he had been a plumber before he was displaced.

Abu Munir
Abu Munir 2

Abu Munir

When you are forced out of your home and country, you are traumatized all over again when you lose a sense of purpose and the ability to care for your family.

Your support has made it possible for refugees like Abu Munir to begin again. Sometimes that’s as simple as providing a box of tools – what we call a “business toolkit.”


A Plumber's Toolkit

Questscope’s staff in Syria brought Abu Munir a business toolkit so he could work as a plumber. He is once again able to take care of his family and be part of rebuilding his home.

When our staff gave Abu Munir his business toolkit, he cried again – this time from happiness.

“Thank God,” he said, “Now I can work again!”

It will be years before Abu Munir’s neighborhood is rebuilt. But it does not have to take years for Abu Munir to rebuild his family. Thanks to your support, women and men all over Syria are able to begin again.