September 29, 2016

Nadine left her hometown of Dera’a, Syria with her husband Mohanad in 2013 and became a refugee in Jordan. The day they left was the hardest of their lives, but it was no longer possible to stay. Half of their friends and family had died and the others had been arrested.

"I arrived bringing only my soul and my childhood memories," Nadine said describing her first moments arriving in the Za'atari Refugee Camp. "When I first saw the tents, I felt like my life had stopped."

Watch the story of Nadin and her husband Mohanad here.

That was nearly four years ago. Today, Nadine and her husband are on our core team of visionary leaders at our Youth Center in Za'atari: Space for Change in partnership with UNFPA Jordan. Along with 25-30 other young Syrian adults, they develop innovations for youth to improve their lives and to improve the circumstances in the camp.

"From that day on, my life changed and new doors opened up for me. They empowered us to love life and taught us how to cope. They helped us love the future," Nadine said describing her first days with Questscope.

She and the team have mentored more than 3,000 younger refugees in the camp. They draw on their own experiences to show youth that despite the profound loss they have experienced, life does not have to stop.


Nadine (center) on top of the Empire State Building.

Earlier this month, Nadine participated in a summit with youth from around the world at United Nations' headquarters during the UN General Assembly. Her visit was hosted and funded by UNFPA. She shared her ideas and expertise with youth developed over the past four years. 

Nadine is a leader in our space and a carrier of our collective hope for the world. When you support Questscope, you are investing in visionary change makers like Nadine. Your support buoyed her to one of the highest stages in the world, and we couldn't be more proud to be on the same team – with her and with you.