December 21, 2016

100,000 people on the move away from places they have been bombed and shelled. A city of four million shattered, ruined, devastated – in the mid of winter.

Roy Moussalli and his team are there with them. Yesterday, they started receiving 2,500 sick, wounded and/or disabled displaced persons in an area near Homs, Syria. These individuals have just been rescued from a three-year siege of their two villages in an area around Aleppo. For three years, the only food they could get was parachuted in to them. No medical care. No clean water. No school. Nothing.

Roy's team will provide heaters, warm clothes, and shelter (some ready, some still needing rehabilitation). They will facilitate emergency medical services, ensure food supplies, provide clean water and sanitation, and begin trauma counseling.

Next week will include absorbing another 14,500 people who are being allowed to leave the siege of Aleppo.

Roy and his team are trusted in a remarkable way to take these very needy and vulnerable people into their care.

This project is in addition to the emergency aid, mentoring, and education services they already provide to 600,000 internally displaced persons across Syria. 

Give today and support our team to reach the most vulnerable.