April 27, 2017

Last week – just after midnight – 1,500 people finally found refuge after surviving more than two years of siege. 

They traveled for days in crowded buses after they left their besieged villages. They survived a suicide bombing attack. And they arrived at our collective shelters in the middle of the night - women and children - physically and emotionally exhausted. They kept moving in hope they would find safety at the end of that journey.  

And when they arrived, our Syria team was there – ready and able to provide shelter and assistance.

20170112_021103 web

Our team welcoming new arrivals.

Your constant support through us enabled this response at a moment’s notice – with 80 people working through the night and in the following days to provide food, clean water, medical attention, and a place to rest.  

We were able to provide immediate care for thousands of people because of who we have by our side. We can respond quickly because of our trusted network of partners in Syria. We can respond quickly because we have 1,800 Syrian staff and volunteers in 100 locations throughout Syria. They’re working in their homes and communities – giving everything they have for their neighbors-in-need. 

And we can respond quickly because you choose to be by our side too – as we welcome thousands of people arriving at midnight needing emergency help.

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Lou'ay is 12 years-old. He had a severe eye infection that was treated upon arrival to the shelter. He told us what he wants most is to go back to school.

There are another 1,500 people on their way in the next few days from places that have been bombed and shelled.

We don’t yet know when they will arrive. But we know we’ll be ready – with safe shelter, food, and the care of our heroic team – because of the amazing people we have by our side.

*All photos were taken and shared by our Syria team*

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