August 31, 2017

The war in Syria is now in its seventh year. Legions of people have had to flee in order to survive. Thousands of families have been forced to leave behind everything they’ve known.

They've lost the houses and neighborhoods they called home. More devastating, they've lost the people and communities they also called home. Those who survive find themselves caught in a cycle of unrest and uncertainty. 69% of Syrians inside Syria are living in extreme poverty. 

We're working every day to help those displaced by violence and persecution rebuild their lives. But we cannot do it without you.


A collective shelter outside Aleppo (and a few of its littlest residents).

Despite the ongoing conflict, hundreds of thousands of Syrians are trying to return home. The reasons are many: They want to reclaim their property. The economic situation in their hometowns has apparently gotten better. The economic situation where they fled to has gotten worse. Security where they used to live has hopefully improved. They have no other choice. No place else is home.

They return, and find their old neighborhoods destroyed. They take up residence in abandoned or unfinished buildings wherever they can find them. But these buildings are not meant to house people at all, let alone dozens of families. There is no sanitation or privacy. Hundreds of people are crowded into single rooms.


A family using an abandoned train station for shelter.

Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers is working tirelessly to clear rubble and debris so people can return to their houses and apartments. With your help, we can protect families from the wind and rain. We can provide partitions to give nursing mothers their privacy.

2/3 of the country still has no consistent access to clean water. You can ensure children have clean water to drink. Together we can provide families with warm clothing and bedding. We can help deliver counseling, find jobs for the unemployed, and get children back in school. 


The best way to help is to become a monthly donor. These regular gifts allow us to respond quickly in emergencies and steadily rebuild homes and neighborhoods so families can return home.

Respond today and help refugee families rebuild their homes and their lives.