Muthanna Khriesat
May 04, 2023

I have some amazing updates on what Questscope accomplished last year!

My motto as the new executive officer of Questscope is to “think big,” and we have been doing just that! Our team in Jordan submitted 28 grant proposals to various funders - many of which were new for us. Currently, only 9 of those grant proposals have been turned down, which is a HUGE accomplishment in my eyes. We are expanding by obtaining new donors and new funding, and all of us are thinking outside the box. It is my goal to create more partnerships than before and be able to reach even more friends. We are a voice of the voiceless, and the voiceless deserve a stronger position. Thanks to you, our friends,  supporters and donors, we are able to expand and grow into Questscope 2.0.

Syria had not one but two devastating Earthquakes so far in 2023.  I was able to travel north in the country, up to Aleppo, to see firsthand the results of our work. In a single month, Questscope and our long-time partner, the Syrian Society of Social Development used your generous donations to set up six temporary shelters for 900 individuals and provide 8,500 people with food baskets and meals. In addition, 880 women received dignity kits with personal hygiene products thanks to you. You are helping women and girls who lost everything in the earthquake to retain a sense that someone cares for and respects them. You can see videos of my trip by clicking here and here.

More than 150 new supporters have joined with Questscope since January. It makes me very glad and proud to have new friends with whom to stand alongside in this crisis. It is amazing to see how many people answered our call to action! We are hopeful that you and many more will join us as we continue to put the last first in an acute crisis that is turning into a chronic, long-term challenge to restore lives, families and homes.

Please know that my door is always open as we partner with you. You can always email me with questions or comments, and I welcome the chance to have a conversation with you.

Your deepening relationship with Questscope enables all of us to forge forward in helping relationships - for those in Syria displaced by the earthquake, for those displaced to Jordan as refugees in the Zaatari refugee camp, and for refugee women in Aqaba learning how to use small businesses to ensure that their daughters get educated, not married at 14!


8 Aug23 Muthanna Headshot
Chief Executive Officer

Muthanna Khriesat

Muthanna Khriesat is the Chief Executive Officer of Questscope.  

In 1999, Muthanna joined Questscope as a volunteer and was exposed to a community of youth detached from society and in need of positive social change. Since then, he has dedicated his work to helping create social, educational, and entrepreneurial opportunities for marginalized youth. 

In his early years with Questscope he held various positions for Questscope related to knowledge management and administrative leadership, including program director for mentoring disadvantaged youth, as well as Chief of Party for a USAID-funded alternative education program for out-of-school youth. 

The extensive experience he earned through those various roles along with his dedication to furthering positive change in the MENA region led to his appointment as Jordan country director in 2010, and then Regional and Jordan Country Director in 2015. 

He continued to excel within Questscope, eventually leading to him becoming the first Chief Operating Officer of Questscope in 2020. In April, 2022, Muthanna succeeded Dr. Curt Rhodes to become the second Chief Executive Officer of Questscope.  

Muthanna is looking forward to taking Questscope to the next level and serving even more people than before. 

He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Princess Sumaya University of Technology in Amman, Jordan. He also has the distinct honor of being a 2021 Yale World Fellow. 

He resides in Minneapolis with his family and splits his time with Jordan.