October 30, 2017

Refugees from Syria are seeking haven all over the world. Germany has taken in more than 300,000. Many are teens who came on their own. They have lost nearly everything that matters to them. Still they are eager to integrate.

They need help navigating a foreign land. They need help learning the language and finding a place to belong. To assist them, Questscope is launching a new pilot program in Berlin.

20160621_181621 (4)
Questscope founder Curt Rhodes at a refugee camp in Europe.

It is our underlying belief that the best people to invest in are those with first-hand experience of the problems we're solving. This pilot is guided by Syrian refugees, many of whom were once leaders in Questscope programs in Syria. Now they too are refugees in Germany, drawing from their own personal and professional experiences to help those newly arrived.

The program is designed to help Syrians identify and encourage leaders in their new communities in Germany. With your support, we’re helping them increase their connections to German people and institutions. We’re also working alongside German citizens to help them welcome and understand their new Syrian neighbors.


Youth workshops in Berlin.

Bringing together Germans and Syrians through guided, active volunteerism will create a group of people able to build a better, more equitable place for all. It will equip people with the tools they need to create real, lasting change – one person at a time.

And it will encourage creativity and positive action that could otherwise be stifled or misdirected. We have an opportunity to channel the tremendous energy of young people into positive action that will move our whole world forward.

We're grateful you're on this journey with us. Thank you for supporting refugees, our team members, and our team members who have become refugees.