August 03, 2017

You might remember Manal. We introduced you to her last summer. She survived a hellish journey from Syria and narrowly missed being sold into early marriage – and an equally bleak future.

Manal is from Aleppo, Syria. Her dad died a few years ago, and her mom became solely responsible for their family. When it became too dangerous to stay in Aleppo, they left with only the clothes on their back. Now they're living as refugees in Aqaba, Jordan.

There are no jobs, no safety net, and no resources for refugee families living in Aqaba. Their suffering is mostly unseen and only a few people know they exist. 

When what little money they had ran out, Manal's mother had to make hard choices. Choices like selling Manal into early marriage or watching her younger children go hungry.


Jordan Summer 2017 520

But then you stepped in.

One year ago we launched a program to reach 200 of these most vulnerable families. You're helping provide integrated support in food, medicine, and education so families can take back control of their lives. And so parents don’t have to make choices that no parent should ever have to make. 

We also started working with refugee women to launch small businesses. Manal's mom cooks food in her home to sell to neighbors and local businesses. She's making money and taking a leading role in guiding her family out of their dark past. 

And we're happy to report that Manal is still plugging away in school towards her dream of graduation and fighting for women's rights

Aqaba looked like an impossible situation when we first intervened last year. But actually? It wasn't impossible. It took perseverance and the willingness to enter into the suffering of others

Through small steps and little successes, we've made a big difference for girls like Manal. Your gift today ensures this difference continues to grow. 

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