March 18, 2015

With these words one of the children described his experience in participating in one of Questscope’s activities, which became a story to tell according to this young boy, with much experience and morals to learn and tell the others.

As simple as these activities are, as much influence it had on the mind and spirit of these young children. Those children have been forced from their homes, and have suffered the brutality of war, yet now they can see the world colorful again.

Those activities where held and performed by Questscope as a part of a mentoring project in cooperation with Mercy corps, in which 160 child/mentee were hosted along with mentors from 2 cities in Jordan (Mafraq & Ajloun), it was a great chance for the children to visit the Jordan valley and share such experience with their friends.

Sharing this activity with the kids had brightened their lives, and added new colors to ours, colors that we have never seen before.

And now it’s not the “happily ever after” end, but yet the beginning of a new journey and the start of an ongoing stories with new exciting events.