Questscope created an alternative learning program (Non-Formal Education) in partnership with the Jordanian Ministry of Education that enables youth who left school to continue their education to the compulsory 10th grade level and continue on to vocational training or re-enroll in the formal education system. This program combines a safe environment designed for young people who have been through traumatic experiences with a curriculum that encourages youth leadership and critical thinking. It helps them restore normalcy in their lives and develop future goals.


Questscope’s mentorship program matches a caring adult with an at-risk child or young person, designed with the simple belief that every child deserves an adult who believes in them, no matter what. In the Za’atari Refugee Camp, Questscope has mentored 1,600 at-risk youth and initiated a Youth Center for an additional 500-1000 youth, completely led and directed by Syrian refugees. Through these community-supported and transformational relationships, both mentors and youth are changed.

New Projects

Aqaba, Jordan is host to a growing and desperate population of refugee families. There are no jobs, no resources, and no safety net for these people. Their suffering is mostly unseen and only a few people even know they exist. For 200 of the most vulnerable refugee families living in Aqaba, Questscope is providing integrated support in food, medicine, and education.

In Syria

In the current crisis inside Syria, Questcope supports over one million people who have been made homeless (internally displaced) by this conflict. Through our partner, The Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD), a network of 3,000 staff and volunteers supply food, medicine, water/sanitation, and shelter in 100 locations across Syria. They also provide psychosocial counseling, protection care for the most vulnerable, and education for out-of-school children. Questscope and SSSD have been partners since 2009.