Questscope has developed highly participatory methodologies on the ground in the Middle East. To make a difference from the bottom up.
Who We Are

Who We Are

Questscope is an international non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 1988 with the goal of putting the last, first. We rely on a theory of social change that recognizes the interconnected nature of individual transformation, institutional response, and policy changes at the governance level.

For 30 years, Questscope has rigorously applied this model in partnership with dozens of community, government, and international organizations.

What We’ve Done

In Jordan, we created one of the largest and most effective civic engagement programs – training thousands of youth as mentors to marginalized youth. 

staff and volunteers
beneficiaries annually
sites covered in our Non-Formal Education (NFE) program
displaced persons in Syria received humnitarian relief

Questscope is a recognized leader in

Social Development
Youth Engagement
legacy giving
Humanitarian Outreach
We engage with marginalized persons to figure out how to grow spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and socially to have greater roles and agency in improving their lives and communities. 
The Assertions

The Assertions

In 2011, the University of Oxford demonstrated that our learning methodology (RLC) caused reduction of violent conduct within 4 months – a key step in creating a safe learning environment.

In their 2018 external review, USAID evaluators commended Questscope for its positive impact on youth, an unprecedented outcome in their 15 years of experience assessing youth programs.

Our History

For 30 years, Questscope has walked alongside young people whose lives are ravaged by war and poverty. We provide emergency assistance, alternative education, and mentorship. And places to bloom again where hope is possible.

Our Purpose & guiding principles

To transform the future of vulnerable youth and communities by equipping them with the resources and relationships they need to thrive.

We “put the last, first.” Our work reflects a radical commitment to the most vulnerable.


We work alongside those we serve to co-create together. They are not the problem. They are the solution!


We believe caring relationships are the foundation of individual and community well-being.


We hold ourselves accountable. We develop and use proven processes that can be scaled.

Our Strategic partners

Questscope has benefited from scores of partnerships with people who share our concern for vulnerable individuals and fragile communities. We are a pioneer in using adaptive networks of organizations that result in both close proximity to people and wide networks of resources to tackle complex problems.
syrian society
Our long-term strategic partnership with SSSD has enabled us to protect, rehabilitate, and enable the restoration of millions of lives throughout Syria.
Questscope is part of the Alight family of organizations. Together we exist to unleash the abundance we find in every person.

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Your gift will provide emergency assistance, alternative education, and mentorship. And places to bloom again where hope is possible.